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Top places to visit for paying homage to the Motherland

Subrata Roy-led Sahara India's Bharat Maa Naman Sthal

India’s freedom struggle was fought hard. The country was dictated by the colonial rulers for over decades. Then there were the heroes who stood up for the country’s honour, even at the cost of their lives.They became immortal with their names carved in the country’s history forever.

The great ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ of 1857 spread the wave of Independence among Indians that led to the movement for freedom from the ”British Raj”.There are various historical and beautiful places across the country that are dedicated to honour the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and pay homage to them.


Listed below are some important places where people pay homage to the motherland and martyrs:


Bharat Mata Naman Sthal, Sahara Sheher, Lucknow




Sahara Sheher developed by Sahara India is one of the most marvellous  infrastructures.Being home to Sahara India founder Subrata Roy, it also houses one of the most beautiful structures dedicated to our motherland. The Naman Sthal in Sahara Sheher features a grand statue of Bharat Mata riding a chariot drawn by four lions.






Bharat Maa Naman Sthal, Mount Abu



Constructed and maintained by Sahara India Pariwar, Bharat Maa Naman Sthal in Mount Abu is an absolute delight for the tourists. At an exalted site at the top of two to three dozen steps, a statue of Bharat Mata looks benevolently upon the Nakki Lake. It is further adorned with the statues of four ferocious-looking lions.






Bharat Maa Naman Sthal, Pune


Situated at Pune district, Aamby Valley City is a township spread over 10,600 acres developed by Sahara India. Three large lakes are also built by constructing dams. It has a separate area dedicated to Bharat Maa where the visitors pay tribute. The city also has a huge golf course and was designed and master planned by Gruen -Bobby Mukherji & Associates in the year 2003.






Sahara Bharat Mata Park, Muzaffarpur




Located in Bihar, this park is dedicated to remember and pay homage to all the freedom fighters and nationalists who sacrificed their lives for the country.







Certainly, the people who gave this nation its freedom should never be forgotten. The country and its patriots like Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara are proud of the heroism of these freedom fighters and have dedicated these architectural marvels to honour their valour and sacrifice for the nation. An avid philanthropist and true nationalist, he has also supported the nation during hard times. He adopted families of Kargil martyrs and looked after the education of their children as well.


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