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How Online Education can be the messiah for India’s Education Sector?

Subrata Roy Education

Recent data collected by a Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG), a professional service company reveals that the global online education market is estimated over $30 billion. It is quite likely that the education market in India will top globally, leaving behind the current leaders China and the US.

The 2011 census states that the literacy rate of India is up by 74%. However, this has little impact on gender disparity. While records reveal there has been wide scale of improvement in the higher education, only 4.5% Indians have completed graduation.

Such a dismal situation can be improved with the help of online education. Through Internet, education can be spread to the farthest corners of India, where young ones are raring to go, but have the handicap of travelling long distances to attend formal education. Sahara India Chief Subrata Roy says that although the nation has taken leaps of in literacy rates, yet it has to go a long way to ready a whole generation of educated, skilled youth.

Roy’s vision is convertible into reality. India has over 462 million Internet users, the second largest in the world. According to Forbes, millennials need four elements to prosper: collaboration, feedback, technology, and mentorship in any learning atmosphere. All of these are found on the Internet, but in traditional setups.

There are a lot of organizations who aim to take forward this trend and empower India’s hinterlands. Subrata Roy, the Sahara boss has plans to roll out online education, which can be accessed by village kids through a minimal fee. Subrata Roy already has a team in place, who are working on the possibilities of imparting the best education through the Internet.


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