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Sahara India Pariwar’s Bharat Parv: Why being an ‘Indian’ first is important?

Sahara India Bharat Parv 26TH January

We often read and watch news of communal violence and caste discrimination – evils that are still rooted in our nation despite more than seven decades of independence. The reason behind such vices is our mind rooted to our identities of a Hindu, a Muslim, a Brahmin, a Dalit and so on.

Subrata Roy-led Sahara India Pariwar, addresses this issue through its unique celebration of ‘Bharat Parv’. Literally translated as “India’s Festival”, the celebration is carried out twice a year by Sahara India Pariwar – once on 26 January (the Republice Day) and on 15 August (the Independence Day).

Bharat Parv celebrations run on Sahara founder Subrata Roy’s ideology of “Collective Materialism”. The festivities are an embodiment of the ideal of being an Indian first. According to the conglomerate’s vision, Indian nationality is a religion above all religions and castes, and hence being a true Indian should be our first and foremost priority as being the resident citizens of the nation.

“Nation should always be placed above religion. We all have every right to perform Pooja, Ibadat, Ardas and Prayer inside our homes, but no sooner we come out of our houses we should be Indians and only Indians,” reads Sahara India Pariwar’s message to the nation.

According to the Subrata Roy-led conglomerate, in trying to live within the limits of small peripheries we are unduly dividing the emotional unity of our large Indian family. This also means that we are not fully justifying the doctrines of ‘Collective Emotionalism within our diversities’ and ‘Collective Emotionalism within the variety that is India’.

“There is no short-cut to unity without ‘Collective Emotionalism’. We also celebrate the birthdays of Mahaveer, Buddha or Nanak by religiously paying respect to them on their Jayantis. We also celebrate the birthdays of Christ on Christmas, of Prophet Mohammad on Bara Wafat, of Rama on Ramnavami and of Krishna on Krishna Janmashtami. These strengthen the beliefs and inspire our society in small parts,” reads Sahara’s message to the nation.

As the nation celebrates its 70th Republic Day, Sahara India’s Bharat Parv is a stark reminder to us of the importance of being a true Indian. Putting nation before any religion or caste is the true key to progress.

Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day!

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