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Sahara India Pariwar Founder Pens Down a Strong Message Encouraging People to Combat COVID-19 pandemic

Subrata Roy Message to Nation

Claiming several lives across the globe, the coronavirus pandemic is likely to bring a global recession. In the wake of increasing number of Covid-19 cases, a complete lockdown has been declared by the Indian government, urging the people to stay at home for preventing the spread of this deadly virus.

The decision has been welcomed and supported by several prominent personalities all over the country. Sahara India Pariwar founder Subrata Roy recently penned a heartfelt note supporting the decision.

Addressing the nation, Subrata Roy mentioned how quickly the virus has taken down well-established economies with excellent healthcare systems. He also said that instead of pondering over what caused this pandemic, it’s important to rally our forces, stand together and fight this pandemic.

“This time we should stop the debate about where this virus originated, how it originated or whether it came as a natural disaster or due to some human default. Our attention should be focused on how to ensure that the efforts being made in different parts of the world to stop the spread of this virus succeed, how maximum human lives can be saved, and how to restore things to normal as quickly as possible,” Subrata Roy wrote.

Supporting the government’s move, the Sahara India chief said that the authorities are well aware of the danger posed by the spread of coronavirus, and are taking every necessary step to combat it. On one hand, the government has enhanced medical services for the prevention of viruses and on the other hand its agencies are constantly issuing appropriate instructions related to safety and prevention..

Subrata Roy believes that every person is a soldier in this fight against the deadly virus. Every person has some responsibility, some distinct role. If we all leave it to the government and believe that it is only the duty of the government and administration to do what is to be done, or that only the hospitals and doctors have a role to play in this fight, then we will definitely lose the fight against the corona virus. “If we have to defeat Corona, then we also have to consider ourselves a soldier and go ahead to do our bit,” Roy said.

In his letter to the nation, the Sahara India founder also emphasised upon the importance of adopting safe practices such as covering face while coughing or sneezing, washing hands with soap at regular intervals, sanitizing frequently touched surfaces, maintaining social distancing, refraining from large gatherings, and adhering to the directives laid out by the government.

Subrata Roy also called out the adamant citizens, who have repeatedly endangered not only their own lives but also the lives of people around them because of sheer ignorance. “I feel very sorry when I see that many people or groups are in a state of ridicule, disregard or disobedience even in these difficult times,” he said.

“There are also some religious groups which openly say that whatever is happening, is happening by the will of God or Allah. They believe that coronavirus cannot do them any harm. They believe that God or Allah will save them from infection. Due to this foolish belief, such people do not follow the government guidelines at all. They do not take any measures for their safety nor take necessary precautions. This way, they are putting a large number of people at risk,” Roy added.

According to Subrata Roy, such people are the weakest links in the fight against coronavirus, since they have no idea about how harmful their actions can be to themselves and to others. “In this context, it is the duty of every sensible citizen to stand against such views, and prevent such views to be circulated in any form of media. Also, it is the responsibility of the government to protect such individuals and groups. If need be, authorities must take drastic steps so that such people do not endanger themselves and others’ lives,” Sahara India chief wrote in his letter.

“The country is going through an unprecedentedly difficult time. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to cooperate with our government in this fight against the pandemic. Stay at home, eat nutritious food, and be safe,” Roy added.

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