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April 9, 2020
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Sahara Hospital Setting New Milestones in Healthcare Infrastructure

Subrata Roy Sahara

Sahara Hospital opting for an OPEX model for IT

Located in Lucknow, the capital of India’s largest state Uttar Pradesh, Sahara Hospital has emerged as one of the top Hospitals of the Nation as well as overseas. Talking about how digitization will play a major role in healthcare, Manish Pathak, IT Head of Sahara Hospital shared the its vision and IT initiatives.

Healthcare is counted among the surging sectors in India.However, there are several challenges faced by this sector which include the information and service integration, revenue vs cost control and good care and affordable cost. Under the guidance of Saharasri, there are many policies that are being worked upon to overcome them.

For Saharasri Subrata Roy, one of the major objectives to achieve at the hospital is to provide services at affordable cost and raise awareness in rural areas and ensure better communication.

Making the best use of IT, Automation is highly promoted for all the operations and optimising the existing processes. Through the use of pneumatic tube system,advanced bedside monitoring system and latest information system operations are eased and streamlined.From anIT stand point of view, the hospital is working on TAT which is Turn Around Time and how it can support front office or other staff to reduce turnaround time.

Additionally, in the digital era, for strengthening the security against Cyber-attacksand malicious attacks, a strong SOP policy is followed in the hospital along with firewall system and ACS device authentication and configuration. A strong emphasis is also laid on a password policy and an anti-virus policy.

Following the vision, the hospital is looking for an OPEX model and a change from the existing CAPEX model. It is moving more towards digitization and implementing some digital solutions in the working structure.For future perspective, Sahara Hospital has built a strategy to work on mobile health, telemedicine, portal Technology, self-service kiosk, remote monitoring tools and most importantly IoT and AI.

Talking about the technology tools used to develop smooth collaboration between employees, Manish Pathaksaid, “Normally we have a complete automation system. We also have an ERP system that provides a host of direct benefits as easier patient records management, reduce paperwork, faster information flow between various department, greater organisation flexibility in terms of reliability and timely information, minimal inventory labels, reducing wastage and reducing waiting time also. The most important part is to reduce the turnaround time and ensure that the services are provided to the patients timely which differentiates us from other organisations. We are doing really great in terms of turnaround time.”

“We also have automated all the things in hospital. We have a pneumatic tube system. When we collect sample, it automatically gets dispatched to the laboratory department which reduces the physical effort. We are using the technology where we definitely feel that we are reducing turnaround time between the patient and the services,” he added.

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