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Motivation For You to Keep Going

Subrata Roy Motivation

Life is full of challenges, and at times drives us into the moods of melancholy and despair. However, these challenges are only nature’s devices to make us grow into a stronger, self-reliant and more confident person. Saharasri Subrata Roy, through his book Life Mantras, promotes self-motivation for a healthy living. Here are some easy ways to stay motivated when negativity seems to be all around:

  1. Stop worrying about what you can’t control

Some things in our life are under our control, while others aren’t. Learn to recognize the difference between what you can control and what you can’t. Becoming entangled in an emotional conflict will only paralyze your progress. You might not be able to control what happens next in your life, but you are always in control of whether or not it will affect you in an adverse manner.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people and information

Your personality is greatly influenced by the people you hang out with and the information you surround yourself with. Try to stay away from people who propagate negative thoughts and opinions about others. You can try reading a book with a positive topic to fill your mind with inspirational information.

  1. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t let them dishearten you

Sometimes, we are too hard upon ourselves due to some mistake that we committed or because we disappointed someone close to us. Always remember that no one is born perfect. People make mistakes all the time, because that’s human nature. Don’t let your mistakes deviate you from the path of progress. Learn from them and grow stronger.

  1. Celebrate your accomplishments

Don’t wait to find happiness in big occasions. Look for happiness in the minutest of moments around you. Look into the mirror and smile at the amazing person who is staring back at you. Great happiness often comes in small packets. Instead of waiting for that long-due promotion, celebrate the fact that you made someone smile today.

  1. Expect positive outcomes

It’s okay to be skeptical about certain things at times, but don’t let that skepticism eat away your inner positivity. You get what you expect, so make a habit of expecting positive outcomes and accepting the negative ones if things really go awry.

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