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Let every day be Mother’s Day

Subrata Roy Mother Day

It’s a really basic and an over-repeated saying, but you’ll have to agree— ‘God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers’. Mother’s Day has been long gone, and it has revealed to us a peculiar fact, you cannot dedicate just a single day for a lifetime of support your mother has provided you.

Famous men owe their success to their mothers more than anyone else. Saharashri Subrata Roy, the Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar is one of such men. He describes his mother as a bright light in his life who guided him towards the shore of success. The entire Sahara family considered her as their mother. When she passed away, a huge crowd turned up to bid final adieu.

It’s the same with Cricketer Virat Kohli. He has always credited his mother, Saroj Kohli as the major reason behind his success on the field. Without the hard work and support provided by his mother, Virat Kohli could not have risen to rank no 1 in ODI matches.

Be it Saharashri Subrata Roy or Virat Kohli, mothers have always been the reason behind success. You might get a rough but helpful advice from your father, but mommy dearest always knows how to best deal with a difficult situation with diligence and less resistance.

They’re the emotional backbones of a family who have equal space for everyone in their heart. Back in the day, when we would fall and hurt ourselves, it was the mother’s kiss on the wound that acted as a better analgesic than a bottle of Savlon or a Band-Aid. People who talk about their rags to riches story almost always mention how their mothers slept on an empty stomach but kept their children fed.

Mother’s Day isn’t about taking selfies with your mother. It isn’t about long Whatsapp statuses that talk about how much you love your mother. Mother’s Day is about chucking your busy schedule, your gadgets, and social media and spending quality time with your mother. Don’t rely on 13 May alone. Life is short, share it with the one who gave you the same.

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