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Sahara India Pariwar Founder Pens Down a Strong Message Encouraging People to Combat COVID-19 pandemic
March 28, 2020
Sahara India founder Subrata Roy Stands in Solidarity with the Nation
April 9, 2020
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For a safer you: Tips for Preventing Covid-19 Infection

Safety Tips Subrata Roy

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads throughout the country, we, at Sahara India Pariwar, are standing strong with the nation and its people. As Saharasri Subrata Roy mentioned in his letter to the nation, the biggest challenge we face today while fighting the deadly virus is the lack of awareness regarding the precautionary measures which could be taken to prevent coronavirus from spreading further.

Here are a few simple tips which can help you keep Covid-19 away. Take a look:

  1. Wash your hands with soap regularly

One of the primary precautions against Covid-19 is keeping your hands clean. This can be achieved by washing your hands at regular intervals. While you can use any soap to clean up your hands, one must note that they should rub their hands for no less than 20 seconds before rinsing the soap off. If you don’t have access to soap, you can alternatively use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to kill the virus.


  1. Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands

Touching one’s face is a habit found in many people. However, our eyes, nose, mouth and ears, upon being touched with infected hands, can lead the virus straight inside your body without any hurdles. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that one refrains from touching their face with unwashed hands.


  1. Sanitize frequently touched surfaces

Surfaces like remotes, doorknobs, tabletops, utensils etc are some of the common frequently touched surfaces. Such surfaces can become a carrier of virus if a healthy person touches them after an infected person. To ensure the virus doesn’t get transmitted through surfaces, it is advised to sanitize them with a surface disinfectant at regular intervals.


  1. Practise respiratory hygiene

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), coronavirus spreads through the droplets released while an infected person talks, coughs or sneezes. Therefore, it is crucial to practise respiratory hygiene – sneezing and coughing into a disposable tissue and discarding it immediately. However, if no tissue is available around, you can alternatively sneeze or cough into your elbow to prevent the droplets from travelling farther. If you are infected or at risk, it is advised that you wear a mask at all times.


  1. Maintaining social distance

social Distancing Sahara India


Coronavirus spreads from human contact, so the most effective way to contain its spread is by keeping distance from other people. Since the government has imposed a lockdown, the best course of action is to follow the instructions laid out by the authorities and stay at home.


Sahara India Pariwar wishes good health to you all!

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