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Philanthropist and Managing Worker of one of India’s leading conglomerates, Subrata Roy Sahara turns 73
June 10, 2021
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Filmmaker Sandeep Singh purchases rights to biopic on Subrata Roy, business tycoon. He says that his story is full of’ surprises.

Bollywood producer and filmmaker Sandeep Singh has acquired the rights to make a biopic of the business billionaire and Sahara India Pariwar Chairman, Subrata Roy Sahara.Singh, who has previously contributed to critically acclaimed biopics like ‘Aligarh’, ‘Sarbjit’and “PM Narendra Modi’ and the National award-winning ‘MaryKom and has acquired the rights to create a documentary about the business tycoon.

Sandeep released a statement saying that Sandeep’s story is filled with surprises and that no one has attempted to tell it.

After revealing details about the film’s path, Sahara said: “The story of Saharasri,” as his affectionately called it, “is the most fascinating true story at the moment.” Beginning in Uttar Pradesh as a small town, Sahara became a founder of an organization with 14 lakh workers. He is India’s second-largest person, having stars from Bollywood to sports and politics around him. It is rich in controversies as well as audacity. A saga full of emotions, rises and resilience, it will be a delight to both the filmmakers and the audience.

Sandeep explained that it wasn’t easy to acquire the rights for the film. He stated that the film would not present a fictionalized account and will instead stick to the facts. “I met him several time over the last year and was in a position to assure him that the film is not made for only financial gain. The film will be treated with honesty and truth. Singh explained that the rights were finally obtained and that he is optimistic about the future of the project.

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