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Your Career Needs a ‘Life Mantra’

Subrata Roy Life Mantra

The word ‘career’ can be synonymous to ‘purpose’ for some. Getting a job is easy, but making a career is difficult. It’s why it needs a magic spell, a mantra. Saharashri Subrata Roy’s book Life Mantra suggests some of the important things to consider when you’re architecting your career.

The list starts with motivation. A lot of working individuals do not feel motivated at their workplace. They lack the drive to push through the day and often end up discontented with their work, probably depressed. Life Mantra dictates that there are three things that motivates a person to work. Money, esteem, and self-motivation.

Dependence on money and esteem to complete your daily task can turn problematic. You can turn greedy or egoistic and refuse to complete your work. Self-motivation, on the other hand, relies on a sense of duty. It’s why people who turn their passion into their career excel and are always happy.

Furthermore, there’s the metaphysical Consider the people who made a name for themselves after struggling in a non-mainstream field. Take the example of the actor Akshay Kumar, who made is way from being a waiter in Bangkok to a superstar in India. It’s the same with Shah Rukh Khan, Boman Irani, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sanjeev Kapoor, and even Mohammed Rafi. These people excelled in their respective fields because they loved what they did.

The rational may not agree but the planets definitely have a continuous effect on people. The violent high tides and low tides on Earth are instigated by the Moon 3,84,400 km away from Earth. There’s very little you can do about the planetary influences apart from strengthening your base. To strengthen your foundation, you need to increase your knowledge.

There are four types of knowledge according to Subrata Roy. There’s knowledge of life, knowledge of behaviour, knowledge of profession, and the knowledge of workplace. These four are essential, and play an important role in setting the course of one’s life and career.

Understanding the emotional sphere is just as necessary. To grow in your profession, you need to expand your emotional sphere. This can be done by realizing your faults, your vices and being open about them when you get the chance. Building a strong rapport with your co-workers is the core of expanding your emotional sphere at your workplace.

Do not lose out on a chance in appreciating other generously. Moreover, apologizing for your mistake is not a weakness. A little bit of humility goes a long way.

Finally, your ego should be balanced. Many people have a ‘high ego’ which confines them to pride and ‘I’. The other lot has ‘low ego’ which keeps them unconfident and down with low self-esteem. People need to have a ‘balanced ego’ to increase their emotional strength, develop their mind, and cultivate a good relationship with the people around.

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