Books by Subrata Roy : Life Mantras and Think With Me. He turned a writer while he was lodged in Tijar Jail, fighting a legal battle with market regulator Sebi.

Life Mantras books by Subrata Roy
Life Mantras

Life Mantras, the first book from his trilogy Thoughts from Tihar, was released on February 2, 2016. The book talks about the difficulties of life inside the prison, and Roy’s philosophical take on it.

With Life Mantras, Roy made his views public on how he went on a self-discovery, and decided to turn the gaze onto himself. The book seized the top slot in the non-fiction category of Nelsen BookScan.

Roy discussed the various aspects of human life, the kinds of motivation that rule us, how we are driven by our needs and desires, the seven health, destiny, intelligence and the aspects of a strong personality, the four types of knowledge, about emotions and egos, and love between a man and a woman. He also dwelt in culture, and peace as a world religion.