Life Mantras

The first book in Saharasri Subrata Roy’s trilogy, Life Mantras was launched on February 2, 2016. Through this book, Saharasri has attempted to unravel the mystery behind life. He has discussed in great detail about a person’s motivations, the concept of success and failure, as well as the duties of a person towards other people.

According to Saharasri Subrata Roy, once can make their life beautiful only by understanding the basic truth about life, as well as the tendencies and instincts we all are born with. By learning the psychological or emotional aspects of life, a person can gain a better understanding of what ‘life’ actually means.

Unlike many other books about spirituality and philosophy, Life Mantras gives the readers a peek at applied philosophy. In the book, Saharasri has explained each point with such examples that any layman can relate to. He has made sure to keep the book simple in terms of allegory and language that is easy to understand for everyone. It is this simplicity which comes out as the greatest virtue of the book.

Through Life Mantras, Saharasri Subrata Roy provides the readers with food for thought.Through his narrative, he convinces the readers to let go of ego and shed the persona of pseudo sacrifices and obligations. The book makes us view life through a different point of view.

Life Mantras by Saharasri Subrata Roy shatters the general perception that surrounds the attainment of spiritual enlightenment. A marvel of Saharasri’s penmanship, the book leaves the readers receptive, content and enlightened in a way they never expected.