Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Saharasri Subrata Roy is also a celebrated author. He had plans to write a trilogy based on his experience of life, entrepreneurship, polity, etc. So far, he has written two books – Life Mantras and Think with Me.


Life Mantras:

Life Mantras book by Subrata Roy

The first book in Saharasri’s trilogy, Life Mantras was released on 2nd February 2016. In the books, Saharasri unravels the secrets to a beautiful and fulfilling life. Through this book, he emphasizes the fact that in order to get a positive outcome from their life, one has to learn the psychological or the emotional aspects, in other words, the realities of life or the entire philosophy of life.

With Life Mantras, Saharasri Subrata Roy made his views public on how he went on a self-discovery and decided to turn the gaze onto himself. The book seized the top slot in the non-fiction category of Nelsen BookScan.

Saharasri discusses the various aspects of human life, the kinds of motivation that rule us, how we are driven by our needs and desires, the seven health, destiny, intelligence and the aspects of a strong personality, the four types of knowledge, about emotions and egos, and love between a man and a woman. He also dwelt in culture, and peace as a world religion.

As the readers get immersed in the potent energy of these ‘Life Mantras’, they are able to find a change, a sense of fulfillment, as well as a sense of motivation. The book leads the readers to the ultimate realization that the journey of life is indeed a blissful and enlightening experience, despite its imperfections.

Think with Me :

Think With Me by Subrata Roy


The second book in Saharasri Subrata Roy’s trilogy, Think with Me was released on December 18, 2016. In this book, Saharasri shifts his focus from personal issue to national issues that concern the country at large.

Through Think with Me, Saharasri talks about a broader perspective, a vision directed towards a ‘Greater India’. He emphasizes upon the importance of leadership and aligned efforts towards the nation. In roughly about 100 pages, Saharasri Subrata Roy talks about India’s electoral process and leadership, the population boom, the education system, and the influence of media and religion on the Indian polity.

In Think with Me, Saharasri introduces the readers to India, a budding superpower, and urges the country’s citizens to work collectively in order to improve the condition of the nation.