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12 years since Mumbai terror attacks: Remembering the heroes of 26/11

Sahara India Pariwar Remembering the heroes of 26/11

Mumbai’s fateful night of 26th Nov 2008 was overtaken by shock, anger, grief when the city witnessed a horrific terrorist attack at multiple locations like Taj Mahal hotel, the Oberoi hotel, the Leopold Café and more, killing 166 people including 18 security personnel. With great distress, that night also observed incredible tales of bravery, courage and a sense of duty by the men who faced bullets and sacrificed their lives to save others.

Understanding the pain and value of sacrifice by security personnel, many people paid homage in their own ways. Sahara India Pariwar also organized a special ceremony to honour the families of the martyrs of 26/11 attacks.

Founder and chief managing worker Subrata Roy Sahara felicitated the families of the martyrs and paid tribute to the heroes who attained immortality with their supreme sacrifice of life to uphold the country’s esteem and strengthen the spirit of nation’s unity.

During the event, Saharasri addressed the families of the martyrs and expressed his feeling and said that the country is grateful to have such brave sons who safeguard our beloved motherland and are ready to lay their lives for India and its citizens. It becomes the  responsibility of the citizens to take good care of their families and give them the highest honours as they sacrificed their bright sons for the nation and its people.

Saharasri is considered as a true nationalist and prior to aiding the families of 26/11 attack martyrs’ families, he also extended a helping hand to the families afflicted by Dantewada Massacre and Kargil war. Subrata Roy was highly praised by then Prime Minister, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, for his contribution towards the families of Kargil martyrs.

While it is one thing to empathize with someone during difficult times, it’s another to help people cope up with them. Subrata Roy Sahara has always believed in the latter, which is well evident from his noble deeds of helping the countrymen in times of adversity.

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